3 Reasons Why Waterproofing Your Roof Is Important

Back in September, we listed 3 reasons why waterproofing your roof is important. Here we are again, with 3 more reasons to briefly explain the benefits and to encourage homeowners to waterproof their roof.


Reason #1: Roof Lifecycle

The lifespan of any roof depends on the materials it is made up of and other factors. Not only does waterproofing your roof prevent water leakage, it extends its life expectancy. By simply adding a coat/layer of waterproofing, your roof will have extra protection against weather and UV rays. In Singapore, this goes a long way as our climate can be rather unpredictable throughout the year.


Reason #2: Staying Cool

While Singapore’s weather is unpredictable, one thing is guaranteed; we live in a humid country. Stepping out of the shower only to start feeling sticky less than 15 minutes later is frustrating, but common. As mentioned in Reason #1, protecting your roof against UV rays is one of the benefits of waterproofing your roof. By reflecting these harmful rays, your home will also absorb less heat, alleviating the internal temperature.


Reason #3: Cost Effectiveness

Instead of having to install a new roof, adding a waterproof membrane could actually be all it takes to protecting your home against leakage, saving you the hassle and unnecessary financial dent. Most of the time, action is only taken after a leakage is detected. By taking the initiative to ensure that your roof is truly secure by waterproofing it, you could be saving yourself more money than if a leakage were to happen and cause damage to your property.


Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
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