Waterproofing Your Balcony

As referenced in the title, balconies should be waterproofed too!
These lovely extensions (unfortunately not every home may have the luxury) provide an avenue for people to simply go outside and have a breath of fresh air; without having to leave the house. If it is spacious enough, many furbish their balconies with comfortable furniture and create an environment that may not be as feasible inside. Aesthetically, balconies add depth to buildings and home owners bring personality through decorations such as flora and fauna.

So, what has waterproofing your balcony got to do with the above?

#1: Weather

Balconies are subject to mother nature day in day out, including those that have shelters. Even if your balcony is sealed, we would still recommend waterproofing the flooring and windows.  This means that eventually, cracks may form from all the changes in temperature; this is much more so in Singapore where humidity is high and rainfall is rampant. When cracks form, water seepage is inevitable. This will not only cause a potential safety risk but also be unsightly.


Reason #2: Flooring and Neighbours

Similar to how the weather affects the walls, most balcony flooring in Singapore are made of tiles (unless you have a customized deck which would also want waterproofing!) and are susceptible to cracks and holes. In a best case scenario if there is water leakage downwards, it will not affect your neighbour. In the worst case scenario, you’ll have to deal with extra costs of any water damage to their property on top of your own.


Reason #3: The rest of the house

Should either of the above be compromised due to a lack of proper waterproofing, there is a chance that the damage may start “dripping” into your home as well. Whether from the walls connected to the inside or from the flooring, it may take years for the water leakage to actually have any effect, but it’s better to lower the chance of that happening today than when it’s almost too late. This stage of water seepage should never be reached.



Preserve and protect your home’s balcony. It may be less utilised, but it has the same if not higher potential of water seepage risk if not taken care of properly due to it’s location being exterior to your home.

Hiring a professional waterproofing contractor or specialist to resolve your water leakage issues is an investment and will guarantee that the job is a job well done; Let us help you protect your household.

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