Is My Bathroom in Need of Waterproofing?


The short answer: Yes! Of course you should. The daily usage of water combined with the amount of nooks and crannies will eventually lead to water damage if not taken care of. The process is sped up if there are cracks or holes.

So, what else should we look out for?

#1: Flaking and/or Peeling Paint

Long term exposure to moisture can lead to paint deteriorating and being unsightly.

If not fixed, the water damage will begin to affect the next layer; the walls or ceilings.

Beyond the additional cost, the hassle would be far greater than if precautions were put in place.


#2: Cracks in the Wall/Tiles


Accidents happen, such as things being dropped on the floor, potentially leading to cracks. Or, due to poor workmanship, the sealant holding the tiles might give way over time.

Most people might think of this as a minor inconvenience that does not require attention until it’s a bigger problem, but if you live above somebody else, it could already be a big problem.


Sign #3: Mould/Mildew

Humidity is their best friend. If you spot mould or mildew, there is a chance there is a leak behind the surface. Mould and mildew usually appear as clumps of dark spots on walls.

You should be able to remove them by yourself, but over a course of time, they are likely to grow back if the water leakage is not treated properly.




Hiring a professional waterproof contractor or waterproof specialist in Singapore to inspect and provide the best solution for waterproofing your home is an investment that will guarantee the job is a job well done; Let us help you protect your household and workplace. We are experienced in waterproofing needs for homes and industrial and commericial buildings in Singapore, and are always ready to help in preventing, if not fixing your water leakage issues or water seepage issues. Our waterproofing solutions include pu injection, pu grouting, water leakage detection, concrete repair, spalling concrete, external wall repair, pitch roof waterproofing, metal roof waterproofing, pu grouting (pressure grouting), RC roof acrylic (water membrane), RC roof torch on membrane, RC gutter waterproofing, rope access work, window resealant & glass panel facade waterproofing for window seepage or leakage.

If you require any service that wasn’t listed above, please feel free to call us and check.

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