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Waterproofing Solutions

To protect buildings from being damaged by water, waterproofing system is one of the major challenges for designers, engineers and builders or constructors. Waterproofing system is actually a minor component of the overall construction or development, however, the waterproofing system is a very important element to ensure successful construction project and the buildings’ function.

With years experience in waterproofing system installation and repairs in Singapore, our company was involved in hundreds of waterproofing projects and has continued to perform high professional waterproofing system design, installation and solutions.

Being a leading waterproofing system specialist and contractor, our waterproofing expertise using the latest technology and application systems and able to handle any waterproofing needs. All work is done by highly trained waterproofing technicians with years of experience and overseen by an experienced project manager.

5 GOOD REASONS TO CHOOSE Secure Waterproofing:-

  • Secure Waterproofing uses the latest technology and application systems.
  • Superior workmanship for every project.
  • Long-term warranty for peace of mind.
  • Problems solved within a short duration.
  • A professional team of skilled personnel.

Secure Waterproofing prides ourselves on the quality of our waterproofing system works and clients’ satisfaction.

About Secure’s Concrete Repair

Secure Waterproofing offers a comprehensive range of concrete repair and remediation solutions, meeting and exceeding industry standards.

Secure Waterproofing is active in repairing all types of concrete structures and protecting them from the further actions of corrosive elements which affect the reinforcing steel.  We can, therefore, guide our customers through the process of diagnosis, repair and protection with a harmonised solution to provide long-term durability. Specialist contractors using  corrosion management, protective coatings and strengthening systems cannot only repair the damage but prolong the life of the structure for many years beyond its design life.

Divisions and Cracks in the floorings and also on walls is a common spectacle. It should not be much of a worry if one of these appears but when it does, it is best to take the action that is needed, and required at such tricky moments. We have seen and through our understanding and pondering of human types, most of the people in the world are quite careless when it comes to taking care of their premises. They just don’t want to spend the rather small amounts that will prevent the bigger more dire investment to take place. We should look at it all in a bigger picture and when a crack occurs, concrete repair should be there in our head. We have to take that step to ensure that the matter does not get more adverse and that apt action is taken in time. Here we will highlight how the cracks occur and how concrete repair can seriously help you out.

Factors such as overheating dries the building too fast and hence there is a strong need to repair the cracks that will be formed in the wall. Over damp buildings that are flushed with heavy rain all the time are also to be taken care of, since they get over soft and clay-like, and may also show some heavy cracks. Earth movement / Soil settlement is one of the most basic and the major reasons for any cracks of any kind in the walls and floors. When there is heavy shifting in the plates of earth core, obviously there are shifting in the structures of the buildings that sit on earth. Concrete repair serves as the only durable answer to these cracks and disfigurements in the building.

Whether the problem is new build defects, age-related deterioration and everything in between, Our Technical know-how and remedial solutions deliver value way above industry standards. With a wide array of application techniques and detailed knowledge of the causes of deterioration, you will not find better support from your material solutions provider. For these reasons, we are involved in repairing and protecting important structures. Concrete repair is carried out by professionals who specialize in doing so. This should be noted here that whenever thinking of having a repair in the cracks, always opt for the most preferred and the premium firms and agencies of concrete repair services. This is because it is not a child’s play to go about and do this. You need to have only the most optimum service provider at your disposal. Another point to note here is that there are many black fishes in the market. There are scams out there that offer below par services for hefty amounts charge. Concrete repair should only be done when it is required. There are sometimes instances when it is actually, in fact, just a crack in the paint. This should not be misjudged with a crack and so to investigate the crack, you should always make use of only the best and reliable provider of concrete repair.

Our complete package of remedial solutions means that structures are being saved from demolition, adding decades to their life, saving clients’ money and keeping the vital infrastructure running.

About Secure’s Metal Roof Waterproofing

Metal roofs are quite popular for industrial buildings where a shelter is required for protecting equipment, production areas or storage area of goods and the roof may not require placement of AHU & M&E equipment, etc.

Water leakage occurring in such buildings would definitely affect business operations. In some instances, re-roofing the metal roof may not be a viable option due to the inability to shut down operations of that building or expose the internal areas of the building to weather during major re-roofing.

Waterproofing the metal roof as opposed to re-roofing is an option for metal roofs, provided the metal roof is not overly rusted or unstable to allow human traffic on it. Through a proper inspection, identification of critical areas and selection of materials, the leakage problems can be addressed. We typically recommend a heavy bodied Acrylic System to be installed after proper surface preparation and rust treatment.

About Secure’s Pitch Roof Waterproofing

Our Pitch roof waterproofing protects pitch roof from water seepage and protects it from deterioration due to carbonation, acid or chemical attack and other types of environmental pollution.

About Secure’s Pressure Grouting

General Waterproofing Specialises in PU Grouting and PU injection Services

We specialise in PU injection to seal joints in concrete, screed or masonry as well as water-bearing cracks. We can also help with the repair of the damaged false ceiling, including the opening and reseal up of broken or damaged false ceiling.

PU Grouting Concrete Crack Injection Technique:

Cracks in concrete happen over time due to environmental issues such as thermal movement, drying shrinkage and other causes like nearby construction works or renovation works. If it’s not severe, it will be a minor problem and they will cause no instant issues or problems. But after some time, these minor and small cracks often become bigger problems and huge headaches, where water damage causes structural problems including reduced structural integrity due to water seepage.

We provide comprehensive PU injection / PU grouting services, using modern technology and the best equipment to use solutions for filling up the gaps, voids and cracks in structures and bonding concrete and other materials permanently.

Protect your property and prevent further water damage. Call us now to stop and eliminate all water damage/water leakage issues. We will conduct a no obligation waterproofing inspection and give you the recommendation based on our professional advice. We use the best waterproofing material and waterproofing membranes that are essential in every waterproofing procedure.

About Secure’s R.C Roof Waterproofing (Liquid/Torch Membrane)

Our tropical climate and torrential rainfall give rise to an increased probability that a roof leakage will worsen or be made obvious. The increased risk of damage to property due to water seepage as a result of a failure in the waterproofing system emphasizes the need to have a high-quality waterproofing system.

These waterproofing systems should be supplied from a reputable manufacturer with products that have a proven track record. After all, doing it right the first time will save costs and emotional distress in the long run.

About Secure’s Rope Access Works

We provide rope access works for all industrial building works. We supply workers, equipment and all necessary documentation. Our services can be for a wide range of usage such as:

  • Building Maintenance (Sealant Work)
  • Building Facade Works and Cleaning

The company undertakes facade cleaning contracts for high-performance buildings having glass facade or structural glazing.


1. Water cleaning method

  • Water soaking: A slow steady stream of water is used to loosen dirt & wash it away, a very effective method as dirt becomes swollen & soft. Hand scrubbing with a brush or rinsing with 400 psi water spray may follow the water soaking. The method is very effective in lime stone glaze brick.
  • Pressure washing : Pressurize water , measure in pounds per square inch, blasts contaminants away from the facade. The procedure is effective on stone, masonry & concrete for the removal of light to moderate atmospheric & organic staining.

2. Chemical cleaning method

Chemical products work by dissolving the stains, allowing them to be rinsed away.

Four categories of chemical agent:

  • Acidic cleaners
  • Alkaline cleaners
  • Organic solvent
  • Non-sudsing detergent

The procedure is effective to conquer tough facade stains.

3. Abrasive cleaning

Design to completely remove the outer portion of a substrate on which the stain sits, rather than merely dissolving & washing away stain. Effective for stone , masonry & concrete.

About Secure’s Water Leakage Repair

When you found little drip of water under the sink, near the bathroom, in the lounge, don’t neglect it. As soon as you saw some sign, take action right away. If not, mold may appear and if you have water pipes running under carpets and leakage is unknown, it may even cause short-circuit.

Flood may even appear in the house if the water leakage problem is not deal with and this may cause more money incurred as you may need to get new furniture as they are all soaked in the water that in time to come, may turn moldy or even having a bad smell due to the water been soak into the furniture.

If you are unable to find out where is the leakage, get a plumber to help you. A proper drainage system can be a good policy in water reinstatement if your house interior damages due to heavy rupture pipes, leaky tunnels and rusted drainage systems.

Let Secure Waterproofing help you with your issue. Call us!

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