The Price of Not Waterproofing is Higher

Yet another water leakage incident happened recently in a public space earlier in October; this time at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Below are a few lines from this Straits Times article covering the ceiling leak:

“At 3.40pm … Flying Emporium, an outlet located at the contact pier leading to the domestic gates at KLIA main terminal, experienced heavy leakage from the roof due to extreme weather conditions.”

“The operator said that passengers were immediately directed to one side of the area that was not affected, while wet vacuum machines were deployed to suction water from the affected area.”

“However, it did not state what the “extreme weather conditions” were that caused water to gush through the roof.”

“The leakage stopped after 20 minutes and the situation was under control within an hour.”

“It added that the matter was being investigated and actions to further improve the airport’s infrastructure would be taken.”

While the root cause of the major seepage cannot be concluded as being due to ‘extreme weather conditions’, we can agree that the incident could have been prevented.


Is it worth it waiting for something to happen before trying to figure out how it went wrong?

Apply the same principle to your own home or office building and decide if the time spent investigating and worrying about the source of the leak or flooding sits well with you.

Though your house or building you are responsible for may have been waterproofed in the past, you may want to do a check to ensure there has been no degradation.



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