Why Should You Waterproof Your Commercial Building Roof?


More and more global tech giants are choosing Singapore as their new global/regional headquarters, with few hundreds of manpower on average, the need for their office space will be high. We will definitely see an increase in commercial developments in the next decade, thanking to foreign investments.

We found that some developments neglect the importance of waterproofing in their commercial roofs. Here’s why you should waterproof your commercial building’s roof properly, mainly for 5 reasons

  • It extends the lifespan of the building’s roof – Sun, rain, wind, debris, and natural wear and tear will do a number on your commercial roof. In Singapore, the intense sun and heat alone can speed up the aging of your roof. By adding waterproofing, you’re adding an extra layer of protection from the elements. Additionally, the waterproofing layer reflects the sunlight, thereby minimizing the impact and damage extreme heat can have on your roof.
  • It saves you money, in the long run – Not only will you save money by extending the life of your roof and reducing your energy costs, adding waterproofing is also more economical than tearing off the entire roof and replacing it with a new one.
  • It keeps your building cooler – A cooler roof translates to a cooler building because less heat is absorbed by the roof. Your A/C unit won’t have to work nearly as hard either and helps to save on your electricity bill.
  • It reduces humidity – Singapore is always humid, but you don’t want this to happen to your roof. Sealing your roof with a waterproof coating minimizes water leakage and keeps your building’s interior dry and free of any pesky mold problems.
  • It minimizes maintenance – Roof problems have a way of multiplying. A crack over here becomes a split over there, and if you’re constantly playing catch up, the repairs and maintenance will become all-consuming. Waterproofing your roof simplifies maintenance, and when there are repairs, they’re much smaller and easier to deal with.

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