Wide Range of Services Available

Wide range of services available

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair is carried out by professionals who specialize in doing so. This should be noted here that whenever thinking of having a repair in the cracks, always opt for the most preferred and the premium firms and agencies of concrete repair services. This is because it is not a child’s play to go about and do this. You need to have only the most optimum service provider at your disposal. Another point to note here is that there are many black fishes in the market. There are scams out there that offer below par services for hefty amounts charge. Concrete repair should only be done when it is required. There are sometimes instances when it is actually, in fact, just a crack in the paint. This should not be misjudged with a crack and so to investigate the crack, you should always make use of only the best and reliable provider of concrete repair.

Our complete package of remedial solutions means that structures are being saved from demolition, adding decades to their life, saving clients’ money and keeping the vital infrastructure running.


Reinforced Concrete R.C. Flat Roof Waterproofing Torch Membrane

Tropical climate in Singapore has caused concrete flat roof  to be susceptible to water seepages. If these roofs are not waterproofed,  overtime cracks may develop and this will cause serious seepage problems in the near future. Therefore, it is important to protect our roofs by having a good water-proofing system from reputable suppliers in place. Reliability of such contractors/suppliers will be important, preferably someone that has a good track record. Our company works with market leaders in this area to bring the best services to meet your needs by having the most competitive cost with warranty that give you the assurance.

This makes Our RC roof Waterproofing Torch Membrane the best solution for your problem.


Building Facade Works and Cleaning

We provide rope access works for all industrial building works. We supply workers, equipment and all necessary documentation. Our services span across:

  • Building Maintenance (Sealant Work)
  • Building Facade Works and Cleaning

The company undertakes facade cleaning contracts for buildings, that includes buildings that require high maintenance such as glass facade or structural glazing. We are a group of specialist that has solutions for these stubborn stains. We let your building shine amongst other skylines.


Re-Sealant Work

Secure Waterproofing’s adhesive and sealant products for façade systems are durable, reliable and easy to use. Designed with the strength to perform in even the harshest climates, these adhesive and sealant also enhances the overall ability of waterproofing. With good workmanship, this sealant will not affect the aesthetic factors of the building. Instead, it will give you both functionality and a good overall appearance of the building.

Our sealant products are used for a wide range of applications in both commercial and residential buildings. These products are high quality, long lasting, versatile, durable and strong.


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