3 Reasons Why Waterproofing Is Very Important

Here are 3 reasons why waterproofing is important

When you own a property, you are entirely responsible for maintaining the exterior and interior parts
of it. Often, taking preventive measures is much more effective and cost saving than repairing
the damages; especially in Singapore, where the weather is generally humid.

1. Risk of Damaging Your Property

Waterproofing is very important for the point of stability of the structure. Once it is damaged, it
cannot be brought back to its original status. When cracks on the roof form, it can lead to ceiling
leakages in the long run, particularly due to the result of accumulated damp spots during rainy
season. Roof leaks are spread throughout the building and are they are able to damage
electrical appliances, wooden structures and inbuilt furniture. They are also capable of
weakening walls. This can cause serious damage to the building’s structure and appearance
and provide a place for molds and mildew to grow.

2. Health Risks

In a building that is not properly waterproofed, trapped moisture has the potential to become a
breeding ground for fungi, molds and other bacteria. The growth of such microorganisms can
pose health hazards to people residing or working in the building, leading to allergy reactions,
asthma attacks and other irritations or infections. Stagnant water caused by sustained water
leakage can also breed mosquitoes and pose more serious health problems such as dengue

3. Water Leakage Problems

Unlike many other countries, four seasons does not occur here in Singapore. However, what we
do experience all year round is the heavy rain and light drizzles that could cause problems to
your properties. Typically during year end when monsoon season occurs, landed property
homeowners find problems in their roof when water starts leaking in. This can be dangerous if
you have elderly or young kids running around at home as water puddles accumulated from the
leaks may be slippery. The constant dripping sound can also be annoying to the people living
under the roof.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Just like how you take supplements to
maintain your health, you need the right waterproofing works to secure the health of your
building. It is more expensive to repair a damaged part of a building than to do a proper
waterproofing. Don’t wait till it’s too late, let our professional waterproofing consultants at Secure
Waterproofing find the best method to help you and solve your headaches. View our services or Contact us today at
+65 6677 2233 and email [email protected] to get a quote!


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