4 Things To Consider When Hiring A Waterproofing Specialist

So, maybe you have read a couple of our blog posts, including the one on why you should hire a waterproofing contractor or specialist. Perhaps you’ve recently noticed signs of water leakage somewhere in your house, or, after having read these articles, would like to have an inspection done. That’s great! But, “What should I bear in mind when it comes to selecting a waterproofing contractor?”, you may ask.


Read on, dear friend.


#1: Are they licensed?

First things first, validate if the company is licensed. Most companies nowadays have their own website where they’ll probably list their credentials. However, to be on the safe side, you can always do a search for the official listed company name through the Building and Construction Authority.

Singapore Licensed Waterproofing Contractor and Specialist

If a company is not licensed, keep looking. They may be an intermediary, which in our opinion, makes the matter messier than it needs to be. Worse, a potential nightmare awaits those who hire illegal labour should anything go wrong (e.g. damage to property, lack of proper agreement or invoicing).


#2: Do they have a warranty?

Look for a waterproofing contractor that has a fair warranty. The longer the warranty may not always mean a better service, but does provide insight on the company’s competence and possibly quality of products used. It goes without saying (although we’ll say it anyway), a warranty will ensure that if a job wasn’t done properly, there will e no additional costs involved to rectify the matter.


#3: How experienced are they? In what areas?

While the age of the company may not always be reflective of a waterproofing specialist’s skill level and professionalism, maturity will speak for itself. Chances are, if a company offering waterproofing solutions has been in the industry for a longer time, the process will be more streamlined.

However, don’t discount hiring a newer waterproofing contractor as they may just as well offer the same level of quality but at a more competitive price.

Besides the years of experience, another factor that may imply that a waterproofing specialist’s experience is the quantity of services provided, as well as the methods used (this might require a bit of research done).


#4: What is their response time?

Last but not least, good service usually goes hand in hand with a quick response time. Everyone likes their problems to be attended to and resolved as promptly as possible. Knowing that the team you hired is attentive goes a long way in suggesting they have your best interests at heart.



Hiring a professional waterproofing contractor or specialist to resolve your water leakage issues is an investment and will guarantee that the job is a job well done; Let us help you protect your household. We are an experienced waterproofing specialist and waterproofing contractor in Singapore, always ready to help in preventing, if not fixing your leakage issue or seepage issue. Our waterproofing solutions include water leakage detection and repair, concrete repair, spalling concrete, external wall repair, pitch roof waterproofing, metal roof waterproofing, pu grouting (pressure grouting), RC roof acrylic (water membrane), RC roof torch on membrane, RC gutter waterproofing, rope access work, window resealant & glass panel facade waterproofing.

If you require any service that wasn’t listed above, please feel free to call us and check.

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