6 Signs of Water Leakage In Your Home


The constant thunderstorm brings Singapore to another rainy season. This is an important time of the year to inspect if there is any lack of waterproofing in your house.  in our last post we highlighted the importance of secure waterproofing your home with a short list of undesirable consequences. Today, we would like to share 6 signs of water leakage you can lookout for from inside your home, as the first step to prevent the upcoming consequences.

Sign #1: Drippage

Sometimes water dripping from the ceiling or a puddle forming (seepage through a wall or window) in the section of the house may go undiscovered for awhile. Perhaps the area or room is less frequented, but eventually, the leak is discovered and the problem resolved. However, some leaks may not appear as leaks at first glance, and may continue undetected until a larger issue arises.

Take note of places where the presence of water would not be considered abnormal. Sinks, toilets, the laundry area; these are places where water in a home can be commonly found, and because we wouldn’t think twice of it, an actual leakage could actually, already be present.


Sign #2: Stains/Spots

These come in different shapes, sizes, and colours (their outline is usually brownish or yellow). With that in mind, stains and spots are more visible on light-coloured walls/ceilings with sufficient lighting.

Walls or ceilings that have a darker shade may need closer inspection to determine if there is potential water leakage.

Sometimes, these discolourations are subtle and hard to spot or may be behind furniture and thus unseen, so do a thorough check of your home.

Spots may also mean something else…

Water Leakage in Your Home

Water Leakage in Your Home


Sign #3: Mould/Mildew

If you can see mould or mildew, it most likely means that there is a leak somewhere. Mould and mildew usually appear
as clumps of dark spots on walls.

You should be able to remove them by yourself, but over a course of time, they are likely to grow back if the water leakage is not treated properly.


Sign #4: Bubbling/Cracking/Peeling Paint

Probably one of the more obvious signs of water leakage on the list, paint on walls that have bubbled, cracked, or peeled, indicate that moisture has somehow entered the walls.

However, sometimes the damage is not due to water leakage inside or behind the wall but caused by nearby moisture. Determine if the affected paint is indeed due to water leakage from the inside or behind of the wall; is this section of the wall exposed to moisture?


Sign #5: Musty Smell

Not all signs of water leakage may be visible. Moisture inside walls never fully evaporate, giving off a stale, musty odour over time.

Fortunately, these smells are often accompanied by other signs, so it is easier to notice.
Unfortunately, if the smell is the only sign, the leakage may go unnoticed for a long time.


Sign #6: Significant Increase in Water Bill

Last but not least, if your household water usage has not increased but your water bill has gone up inexplicably, there may be a chance that there is a water leakage happening in your home, albeit hidden.

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Signs of Water Leakage Detected: What now?

There are various methods that may seem to resolve water leaks, and though they may be cheaper options today, they may end up being more expensive tomorrow. Hiring a professional waterproofing contractor or specialist to resolve your water leakage issues is an investment; Let us help you protect your household.

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