5 Signs of Water Leakage In Your Home (From the Outside)

Continuing from two weeks ago — we talked about 6 signs of water leakage you can lookout for from inside your home — we will expound on the subject. We covered the interior, now let’s talk about the exterior. For an external inspection involving the roof, we recommend hiring a professional to take a look as it can be a hazardous job. Nevertheless, here are the 5 signs:


Sign #1: Roof Shingles

Mould and/or Decay
Are your roof shingles discoloured or darkened? Mould or decay might not mean there is water leakage. However, over time, they can eat through your shingles and more moisture will enter through the cracks; creating an unhealthy environment for those living inside.

Cracked and/or Missing Shingles
If you happen to walk around the outside of your home and see a shingle on the ground, or look up from slightly afar and notice cracks in some of them, there is a high chance that water leakage will occur, or worse, has already occurred.


Sign #2: Crumbling of Roof Cement

It could be due to poor composition or the inevitability of the effects of weather, but keep a lookout for flakiness/crumbling in the parts of your roof that may contain cement. This is also known as ‘Spalling’, and it means that the concrete is no longer fully capable of keeping water from entering — leading to water leakage.


Sign #3: Buckling or Wear and Tear of Flashing

What is Flashing? Flashing is a layer of impervious material, usually metal, installed at an angle or joint in your roof to prevent water from infiltrating. Check if your roof flashing has buckled or wrinkled and if it is so, get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent water leakage.


Sign #4: Damage to Roof Objects or Openings

Pipes, vents, and other objects that protrude out of the roof are supposed to be protected by flashing (see sign #3). Damage to these objects could indicate that your roof flashing has also been compromised and that your home is vulnerable to water leakage.


Sign #5: Stains on Certain Wall Areas

Look at the underside of your roof and see if you can spot any stains. This includes the areas on the walls outside of your home that meet the roof. Moisture may have made its way there through rainfall, washing, or by some other means — ultimately, it means that your household might be susceptible to water leakage.


Signs of Water Leakage Detected: What Now?

Inspecting your roof for these signs may be a dangerous task itself, and you may end up injured if safety precautions are not met. Hiring a professional waterproofing contractor or specialist to help you take a look and diagnose your roof condition is an investment; Let us help you protect your household from water leakage.

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