What do you need to know about industrial waterproofing?

Are you a homeowner? Read more on why you should hire a waterproofing contractor or specialist.

Industrial waterproofing is vital to each establishment and all its assets. Nothing worse than having to repeatedly replace or repair equipment ranging from heavy machinery to smaller devices; there is just so much unnecessary cost. Though water itself may seem harmless, it has the potential to cause irreversible damage and impact the stability of  structures. Waterproofing solutions serve as prevention and help to lower these costs considerably. On top of that, safety may be compromised and lives may be lost simply because water seepage was left unattended. Secure Waterproofing is here to help provide those waterproofing solutions.

Perhaps you’ve recently noticed the signs of water leakage somewhere in your house at your workplace and after having read these articles, want our help in making sure your office is safe. Afterall, safety should come first before everything else.


Schedule an inspection of your building for water seepage

We will always recommended getting a waterproofing specialist or waterproofing contractor to review your premises. We know what to look out for and will be able to spot water seepage signs that people who have less experience with probably won’t. While the water damage will sometimes be very apparent in the form of corrosion or mold (which is a health risk for employees in the long run), some issues may be lurking behind walls and ceilings.

Unfortunately, although it is obvious to most to employ professional waterproofing services, many will try and resolve the problem with temporary fixes.
One such example may be remedying what seems like a minor pipe leakage. Except, there may be a deeper issue that requires the attention of professionals. It pays to be safe. We understand that hen it comes to financials, it may be tough to choose to pay a sum that seems way more than “necessary” than to go with the cheaper and quicker option. However, think long term. Protect the staff, protect the company.

We provide waterproofing inspection and consultation, and are always fair in the estimates we give, should there be a job.



Hiring a professional waterproofing contractor or specialist to resolve your water leakage issues is an investment and will guarantee that the job is a job well done; Let us help you protect your household and workplace. We are an experienced waterproofing specialist and waterproofing contractor in Singapore, always ready to help in preventing, if not fixing your leakage issue or seepage issue. Our waterproofing solutions include commercial and industrial building waterproofing, water leakage detection and repair, concrete repair, spalling concrete, external wall repair, pitch roof waterproofing, metal roof waterproofing, pu grouting (pressure grouting), RC roof acrylic (water membrane), RC roof torch on membrane, RC gutter waterproofing, rope access work, window resealant & glass panel facade waterproofing.

If you require any service that wasn’t listed above, please feel free to call us and check.

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